Your TLDR for what's happening on Live Aware.

May 8, 2024

Desktop Recorder Camera and Video Selection Improvements

New Features & Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the “Go Live” button becomes hidden with some combinations of window size and zoom.

  • Fixed positioning of “Go Live/Recording” button when window is very small

Apr 30, 2024

Sync Transcript Button Placement

New Features & Improvements

Moved Sync Transcript button to top right of Transcripts view to avoid conflict with highlighting transcription segments

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed graphical issues with Insights loading animation

Apr 27, 2024

Annotations Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an intermittent issue preventing annotations to be created from transcription entries

  • Fixed an intermittent issue causing highlighted transcriptions to stop displaying action menu when highlighted

  • Fixed an intermittent issue preventing selection of any panel other then annotations from being displayed

Apr 19, 2024

Video Summary Bug Fix

Bug Fixes

Clicking a timestamp in a video summary no longer reloads the page. Playhead is moved to the corresponding timestamp.

Apr 17, 2024

iOS Recorder Bug Fix Release

Bug Fixes

  • "Start a stream" button now works for external playtesters

  • Autofill playtest code from Mail app

  • Playtest code copy and paste on iPhone pro 12

  • Improved UX for stream title editing

  • Preview ratio is kept when stream completes

  • Improved UX for switching between tabs

Apr 16, 2024

Automatic Language Detection

New Features & Improvements

  • Languages in video audio are now automatically detected. Generated transcripts, summaries, and insights will maintain the language they were originally spoken in.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored functionality to add .mp4 extension to the filename when downloading videos

Apr 10, 2024

More Accurate and Faster Transcripts, New Streamer Role, Accessibility Improvements

New Features & Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Stoping” typo in button text that appeared when ending a stream

  • About screen access is restored for Playtester account

  • Fixed playtester download and support links in invite email

  • Insights Dashboard evidence video clips now contain Team Chat recording when available

Mar 21, 2024

Insights Generation Fix

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue causing a low amount of insights to be generated from video transcriptions greater than 2 hours.

Mar 14, 2024

March Update

New Features & Improvements

  • Desktop Recorder Improvements

    • Interface has been updated with a simpler, clean look with advanced controls available in a separate window.

    • Local Recordings has controls to specify capture resolutions (720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K) and bitrate (2000 Kbps, 4000 Kbps, 8000 Kbps)

    • Microphone & camera can be captured in separate or combined feeds.

    • Recording buffer of 10 minutes can be enabled

    • Cursor can be shown or hidden in screen capture

    • Ending a Local Recording results in an upload dialog

    • Slice triggers can be create and managed in the Recorder

    • Team Chat can be joined and is recorded when joined before starting a Livestream

  • Playtest Management has been updated

    • Community has been renamed Playtesters

    • Playtesters view now shows playtesters as Internal (team members) or External (playtesters that are only allowed to stream with Live Aware Recorders)

    • Playtesters can be sent invitation emails with instructions and access codes or links

    • Internal Playtesters are assigned a custom link that automatically launches and configures the Desktop Recorder with the associated Event of the Playtest.

  • Video uploads now support .mkv video files

Bug Fixes

  • Generate Insights button is now disabled for Events with no Videos

  • Messages for video summaries have been updated to better differentiate from Insights

  • Insights data points no longer contain links to pre-production environments

Feb 27, 2024

February Improvements Update

New Features & Improvements

  • Video Insights are now renamed Summary, and can be found in the Media Info Bar beside Annotations and Transcripts.

  • You now have an option to enable or disable automatically playing videos when opening an Event

  • Media Info Bar buttons have been simplified by removing text.

  • Added transition animations during Insights generation (Now with more Nexie!)

  • Videos with separated microphone and camera tracks are added back before downloading video.

  • Slice created from Video has camera and microphone track

Bug Fixes

  • Insights information will no longer overflow out of its panel.

  • Live Aware now opens the most recent team you were using upon logging in.

  • Videos now cannot be moved to trashed events.

  • URLs of trashed Events now are inaccessible to users.

  • Chat recording in sync with other video tracks

  • Desktop Recorder updated to version v0.4.44

    • Fixed an issue causing preview window to not appear when Ultra-low latency mode is selected

    • Camera / Mic video now properly sync while streaming in Low Latency

Feb 21, 2024

Video Insights Button Fix

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing the Video Insights button to be grayed out unless transcripts button is clicked.

Feb 13, 2024

Insights Dashboard

New Features & Improvements

Insights Dashboard is now available! Check out the blog post to learn more

Bug Fixes

A new version of the Desktop Recorder is now available:

  • Improved ultra-low latency stream quality while in low bandwidth environments.

  • The camera and microphone will be combined with the screen and audio as the default behavior. Optionally, you can toggle a setting in the preferences tab to stream with the camera and microphone separate.

Jan 30, 2024

January 30 Update

Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to move a video to a Event that has been put in Trash

  • Desktop Recorder has been upgraded to version v0.4.42

    • Desktop Recorder now properly displays signed publisher as "Live Aware Labs LLC"

    • Stability improvements

Jan 16, 2024

Ultra Low Latency, Seperated Mic & Camera Streaming

New Features & Improvements

  • Ultra Low Latency Streaming mode added to Desktop Recorder

  • Mic and Camera now streamed separately from Desktop Recorder

  • Added ability to send Videos to Trash

  • Installer for Desktop Recorder for Windows 11 no longer triggers Windows Defender warning

Dec 8, 2023

Event Management Update

New Features & Improvements

  • Events can now be sent to and restored from Trash, where they are automatically deleted after 30 days.

  • Events can now be sent to and restored from Archive.

Nov 14, 2023

Team Member Management

New Features & Improvements

  • You can now manage your team and invite new members

    • New Roles: Admin, Member, and Viewer

    • A special setting toggle that only allows Admins to create or edit events

Oct 24, 2023

Event Voice Chat

New Features & Improvements

  • Live audio chat is now available as a viewer on Live Aware

Oct 11, 2023

October 11 Update

Bug Fixes

  • Desktop Recorder for Windows has been upgraded to v0.4.30

    • Audio and mic sources will be automatically selected

    • A message will now pop if a playtester tries to start a stream without an audio source selected

Aug 14, 2023

August Releases

New Features & Improvements

  • Web App

    • Watch two livestreams, or two VoDs that were streamed together in Spaces using synchronized viewing.

  • Desktop Recorder

    • Stream the audio/video from a specific app instead of capturing the entire system audio/ screen

  • Mobile (Android only)

    • Choose to stream with ultra low latency giving you a nearly real-time experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Web App Improvements

    • Transcript updates

  • Mobile (Android only) Improvements

    • VOD playback improvements

    • Copy video links from the library

    • Picture-in- picture

    • Mute audio

    • Watch live streams

Jul 20, 2023

July Releases

New Features & Improvements

  • Web App

    • Expanded transcript functions now include:

      • Sending snippets from the transcript to the annotations “area”

      • Clipping from highlighted passages of the transcript

      • Editing your transcripts to make any corrections

    • Oh dear’a, it’s Jira! Integrate Nexus and Jira accounts to create Jira issues from Nexus annotations

  • Desktop Recorder

    • Record in the background while playing; capture a clips with a hotkey.

  • Mobile (Android only)

    • Stream with ultra low latency for an almost real-time experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Web App improvements

    • Drastically improved loading times for the dashboard and event library

    • Dashboard filters remain set after leaving Nexus

    • Improvement to how timestamps are applied to annotations

    • Playback speed settings for a video no longer apply to all your videos

  • Mobile (Android only) improvements

    • Search/filter events

    • Search/filter videos

    • Picture in picture

    • Cancel streams during countdown

Jun 16, 2023

June Releases

New Features & Improvements

  • Web App

    • You have the ability to move videos between Events.

    • The new transcription feature is now live.

    • Clipping feature redesign now has presets and allows for exporting clips as GIFs.

  • Mobile (Android only)

    • Watch VoDs and live streams from your Android device.

Bug Fixes

  • VoDs showing as live streams

  • Option for videos to loop

  • Surfaced latency setting on the GO LIVE screen for Android

  • Library closes after video is selected

  • Scroll to and highlight new comments after hitting send

May 9, 2023

May Release

New Features & Improvements

  • Web App

    • Nexus-Slack integration

    • Redesigned comments section now called Annotations

  • Desktop Recorder

    • Now have the option to automatically upload your captures after they are recorded to share with your team instead of only livestreaming

  • Mobile (Android only)

    • Playtesters can now log in on mobile using a unique code to stream directly to your community

Apr 11, 2023

April Release

New Features & Improvements

  • Web App

    • New playback control bar to allow for greater continuity between different viewing options.

    • Make clips from uploaded videos.

    • Easily see what clips and were created from each video.

    • Editable descriptions for all types of videos.

    • Immediately cancel an upload even if it's still processing

  • Mobile (Android only)

    • New front facing camera capture

Bug Fixes

  • Added a Default "All" tab in Library

  • Tweaks to the Event Bar

  • Shortened delay between video upload and playback

  • Added Upload Failure feedback

  • Improvements to the end of a live stream

  • Added processing state for uploads

  • Fixed issues with parent video and related clips

  • Google sign-in prompt fixes

  • Added related clips attribute for uploaded video details

  • Improved livestream user experience

  • Adjusted styles for media detail info bubbles

  • Fixed renaming in the asset cards

  • Auto-opening comments when an asset is presented

  • 4 bug fixes in the playback control bar

  • Resolved issue with community member form not submitting in default state

  • Removed processing state for live streams

  • … other 19 minor fixes/improvements

Mar 14, 2023

March Release

New Features & Improvements

  • Spaces: Multi-Video Analysis

    • Allows you to watch and analyze multiple streams simultaneously

  • Community Management and Playtesting Login

    • Add people outside of your studio to your team as community members

    • Generate and issue playtesting codes

    • Community members can use playtest codes to securely stream to a specified event

Bug Fixes

  • Comment Tags: Add a tag to a comment by using hashtags. Comments can then be filtered and searched for by their tags

  • Android App UI/UX Update: the Nexus Android app now has a completely redesigned interface that offers a much improved user experience

  • Tweaked styles for comments widget

  • Tweaked UX for comment and media options

  • Saved rotation for each video

  • Updated comments search and filters styles

  • Improved Library access UX

  • Events now will automatically open once created

  • Added link support to comment text editor

  • Fixed unable to trigger upload button

  • Minor UI/UX improvements for spaces

  • Playtesting setup modal made scrollable

  • Fixed topbar layout

  • Reduced CPU usage when opening playtesting setup

  • Filtered out playtesters for community members

  • Fixed locked feedback dialog bug

  • Tweaked comments styles and fixed autocomplete

  • Fixed comment tag filter issues

  • Reset filters triggered reload comments

  • Fixed broken navigation in Event Canvas

  • Fixed high CPU usage after opening library

  • … and other 19 fixes

Jan 10, 2023

Video Uploads

New Features & Improvements

  • You can now upload videos directly within the Library.

  • We have improved the overall experience of watching the live streams.

  • You can now see where you left off on previously watched videos.

  • Canvas widgets should now become more flexible in space.

  • New unread indicators for new content.

  • New event cards carousel in our iOS app.

Bug Fixes

  • Comment settings are now saved on the server.

  • Unread indicators for comments and threads are now correctly marked as read for creators.

  • ... and 48 other fixes and improvements.

Sep 12, 2023

September Releases

New Features & Improvements

  • Web App

    • Clips are now called Slices.

      • Customize multiple hotkeys to capture different clip lengths.

    • Automated Insights now generate summaries of videos using transcripts.

Bug Fixes

  • Web App improvements

    • Improvements to transcripts

      • Highlighted text is now clearer with a stronger contrast

      • Further clean up a transcript by removing whole sections of text.

    • Improved video downloaded video file names.

    • Smooth transitions from livestream to VOD.

  • Mobile (Android only)

    • Streams will be given an automatic name like in our desktop recorder.

  • … many more additional QoL improvements and fixes